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X Mision Provide quality solutions and services adapted to the needs of each of our clients, becoming the best and safest alternative, beholding the well-being and development of the society.
X Vision To be the synonymous of excellence in each of our products and services by our constant work and seek of a continuous progress.
X Values We understand and know that the basis of our development is in the compromise with the work we entrepreneur every day, that´s why we put special attention in three fundamental items:

  • A careful selection of our materia prima, guaranteeing the best quality from the beginning and keeping it during the whole productioníz.
  • Compliance of the terms of delivery maintenance of an accessible and competitive price.
  • Honesty in all of the aspects of our company.
We make high quality products since 1945
Know more about our roots


FyA Basile was founded in 1945, january 2nd in the city of Chacabuco, Buenos Aires, as Basile Hnos & cia. The founders, Fernando and Alberto Basile, first started making noodles and spaghetti, and flour with one corn mill.



The wheat mill was inaugurated, located in a next building, with a grindability of 50 tons per day. In 1968, the grindability was improved to 75 tons per day.



Seeking for improvement as the motor that always characterizes FyA Basile, the company builded an storage plant for cereal in a suburban area of the city. Constituted by three cells, the capacity of storage is of 3000 tons in each one of them.


In August, a raging fire destroyed the wheat mill completely and affected part of the corn mill. Although it was a devastation for the company, they decided not to abandon their dream, and with an enormous effort and thinking that future would bring lots of opportunities they demolished the mill remains an builded a new one with a bigger grindability: 100 tons of flour per day. The new building, inaugurated in 1974, was equipped with the technology of Bühler pneumatic machinery, becoming one of the most moderns mills in the world by that time.


Fernando y Alberto decided to stop making noodles and focalized in producing fluor.



The quality of the FyA Basile`s products was validated in 1994, when the company achieved the ISO 9001:94, a norm of quality that keeps been revalidated every year.



The company expands its commercial fronteer to limit countries. The same year they starts producing beer gritz (degerminated corn in pieces).


By 2001, FyA expanded the gathering plant of cereals with five new cells, improving the capacity of storage to 40 thousand tons.


In 2002, the eagerness to export their quality products took form in a commercial relationship with Angola. In that same year the capacity of production of the corn mill was improved to allow the production of flour and gritz at the same time.


Nowadays FyA. Basile has a grindability of corn fluor of 120 tons per day, and the production of wheat flour reaches 250 tons per day.



In 2015 we are celebrating 70 years since we first started to elaborate our products, well known by its elevated quality. We keep on expanding with the construction of a new mill in the city of Salto (Buenos Aires) that will generate new sources of employment, apart of the 150 that generates actually; and will raise substantively the grindability of FyA BASILE.


We have been producing wheat fluor for more than 50 years with a high quality standard.
We produce the fluor according to the specifications that our clients wish, so it can be adapted to the needs of their products.
Products Packs
Flour 25k 50k Bulk
‘000’ si si si
‘000’ English si si si
‘0000’ si si si
‘0000’ Noodle si si si
‘0000’ Tapera si si no
Semolín; no si no
Wheat barn pellet bulk
Wheat Semita 40kg bag
Wheat barn 20kg bag
We have been producing such a nutritive product for more than 70 years.
Products Packs
Flour 25k 50k Bulk
Cornflour Corn flour for human consumption si si no
Degerminated corn Especially for brewing industry no no si
Corn starch si no no
Corn barn pellet bulk
Corn barn bulk
World commerce
Since two decades, FyA BASILE products are being sold in countries from Latin America and Africa, mainly at Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Morocco and Angola.

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